Top Search Engines

When it comes to search engines, there is one company that has all of the others hanging by a thread. This is the case in Australia, as well as the rest of the world. Local search engines like Web Wombat by Australian developers do not stand a chance. That company is Google. As of 2012, and for some time, Google has been the #1 search engine in every country. Alexa rankings show that regardless of whether the results are accurate and helpful in Australia, Australians are using Google.

According to Alexa’s ranking, Google is not just the most-used search engine in Australia. People in Australia visit Google Australia more than any other site. is a close second, even beating out Facebook, but the social networking giant’s rank as third proves that Australia is just as socially obsessed as every other first-world country.

Google certainly is not the only search engine being used in Australia. However, the looking gets tough after Google. Yahoo! shows up not far after Google, but Yahoo! has quite a few other services. A closer look at their analytics shows that Yahoo! Mail is the likely reason for the first page Alexa ranking that Yahoo! enjoys in Australia.

From Yahoo!, banks, local newspapers, the dreaded Pinterest and even Pirate Bay rank above the next search engine in line. That is Bing. Bing has been fighting determinedly to beat out Google since it was introduced. The company even had the gall to compare itself to Google in its recent ad campaign. Google laughed and continued its divine works with the practiced boredom of an unchallenged deity. Okay, Google is not that omnipotent. Bing shows up at a commendable number 35 on Alexa rankings for Australia. Not bad, little guy. Not bad.