Car Search in Australia

If you are starting your car search in Australia, the first thing that you should know is what types of cars are the most popular. When you see what other people are driving and why they have chosen those models, you may get some insights as to what you should buy next. The best way to buy a car is by doing a lot of research. This is going to be a large investment, after all, so you want to make sure that you are spending your money in a wise fashion.

Cars for Workers
Many industrial workers drive Utes, so your car search in Australia should start there if you are a worker. These serve the same basic function that large trucks serve in the United States, Russia, and parts of Europe. They are a type of car with a long cargo bed on the back, making them ideal if you need to transport a lot of items at once. The advantage these have over their American counterparts is that they are much smaller, so they get better fuel economy.

Cars for Families
The most popular type of car in Australia may be the Holden Commodore. It is basically just a family sedan with four doors, an automatic transmission, and many upgradable options, such as leather seats and GPS systems. The Commodore is popular because it gives most people exactly what they need in a vehicle. It has sleek lines for those who care about looks, it gets fairly good fuel economy, and it can easily transport a family of four or five on an trip. It is not as popular outside of the city, though, where it cannot tackle rugged terrain.

Off-Road Imports
As mentioned, the Commodore cannot really be taken in the outback. A Ute may not be a good option either, depending on where you are going. Many people have imported Jeep Wranglers from the United States if they are interested in getting off of the beaten path, so your car search in Australia could turn to used imports. The Wrangler is generally available with a manual transmission, and short wheel-base, and a roll-bar cage.