Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is an internet marketing technique that involves different strategies to increase your website rankings. Some strategies include researching for proper keywords, writing quality content and building links. Search engine optimisation is also about creating a website that’s easy for both people and search engines to navigate.

The keywords used for SEO need to be relevant to your content. Another words your keywords need to be about the same subject as your content. Content or text needs to be valuable and written for people but you also need to optimize your content for search engines. Look for keywords in your niche that people are typing into search engines by using keyword tools.

Links should be part of a search engine optimisation campaign because it’s the way search engines find your website pages. Outbound links or back links are found on the internet and lead to your site. Your site is recognised as popular and offering something of value if there are lots of quality inbound links leading to it. This means you’ll get higher rankings for keywords from search engines such as Google. Internal linking is also important for SEO. Create links to each page on your site but make sure each one is different. It’s important not to have more than one internal link that points to the same page.

It’s important to be honest when implementing search engine optimisation strategies, which is called white hat SEO. Don’t use too many keywords because the search engines will see it as spam. Always avoid creating similar or duplicate pages or using paid links. Make sure all your content is original. Honest SEO strategies are much more effective than dishonest tactics.